Complaint Process

Protecting Consumers

One of the most important ways the Osteopathic Medical Board protects consumers is by investigating consumer complaints. The board reviews complaints against osteopathic physicians and surgeons and post graduate trainees in a variety of areas.

The following are the types of complaints that are reviewed by the Osteopathic Medical Board:

  • Quality of care (Misdiagnosis, treatment/medication causing side effects, surgical complications, negligent care, etc.)
  • Office Practice (Failure to sign death certificate, failure to provide records, misleading advertising)
  • Inappropriate Prescribing
  • Provider Impairment (Under the influence of drugs or alcohol, mental or physical impairment)
  • Sexual misconduct or other unprofessional conduct
  • Dishonesty (including filing fraudulent insurance/Medi-Cal/Medicare Claims)
  • Unlicensed Activity (Aiding and abetting unlicensed practice, unlicensed provider)

The Osteopathic Medical Board does not have Jurisdiction over:

  • Fee or billing disputes
  • General business practices
  • Personality conflicts
  • Health-care providers licensed by other boards, bureaus or agencies – i.e. hospitals, laboratories and health maintenance organizations. (Please contact the Department of Health Service, Department of Public Health, or Department of Managed Care for more information.)

Please be advised that the Board cannot assist with any coordination of patient care or provide financial compensation. Should you require assistance of this nature, please contact your individual insurance company or medical providers.

For more information on the complaint review process please download the following brochures: