Verify Licenses Online

You use our online verification feature to inquire if a licensee has been the subject of disciplinary action. The on-line verification will also include any pending disciplinary actions against the individual in question.

Disclaimer Involving Disciplinary Actions

Disciplinary actions rendered by the Osteopathic Medical Board become operative on the effective date except in situations where the licensee obtains a court-ordered stay. This may occur after the publication of the information on this web site.

For updated information on stay orders and appeals, or for further information on specific discipline for a person listed, you may telephone the Board office at (916) 928-8390 and ask for the Enforcement Unit.

Disciplinary Terminology

Revocation, or revoked - The license is cancelled and the right to practice is ended.

Suspension - The licensee is prohibited from practicing for a specific period of time.

Stayed - The revocation or suspension is postponed, and the licensee is put on probation.

Probation - The licensee may continue to practice under specific terms and conditions, unless otherwise specified.

Voluntary Surrender / Surrender of License - The licensee turns in the license. The right to practice is ended.

Effective Decision Date - The date the disciplinary action goes into operation.

Public Reprimand - The licensee is issued a letter of reprimand resulting from a disciplinary action or pursuant to Business and Professions Code Section 2233.

Writ of Mandate - The respondent has appealed the Board's Decision to the Superior Court.

Stay - The Board or Court has ordered the Board's Decision to not be enforced pending further action.

Review the information for obtaining copies of Enforcement Disciplinary Actions, Documents or Publications or Consumer Complaint Information.